Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sharp or Not Sharp...

I've been fun using sigma lens lately and this lens can be compared to the giants (Nikon and Canon). But what i like to share is about the use and reviews of many lenses. What ive found based on my lens test (i mean really test) if you get to read reviews of lenses you want to purchase, sometimes it disappoints you on the reviews that this or that lens is unsharp. I think most of the time, lenses are mis used! Test the lens at all apperture (specially 2.8 - 4 lenses) use a tripod and you will see that you just have to master your equiptment for us to benefit. Even a cheap 2.8 lens can be very good if you know how and tested it several times. Me i test the lens night time using up to ISO1600 and found this lens very sharp (maybe not as sharp as the pricey ones). So what i've concluded that if this lens is sharp at 1/8 to 1/25's at night (using tripod) its sure is sharper using it daytime! Test your lens and you'll see waht i mean... every lens has a very sweat spot! 2.8 (Usually at 3.5 or 4) c",)

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