Thursday, June 24, 2010

Soft Beauty

I love shooting portrait with a shallow depth of field. (don't have the high apperture lens yet c",)) . Images of people looks better when they look natural. Don't say the dreaded "smile" before taking the shot. Me i just tell them to be ready and thats it.. they wont even notice that i have taken their picture already.. thats more natural look hey? Nikkor Lens at 200mm 1/180's F5.6 ISO 200.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunset at work

This is one of my favorite shot. We were in vacation and had been drinking for the past 3 hours and i was always looking back for the sunset to give me a good background to shoot with the guys. Got lucky and took the guys to some photo shoot. This only happens within 5 minutes cause the sun really sets so fast. Let my cousin hold the off camera flash for me up high from camera right to create this beautiful spotlight and directional lighting. Taken at 18mm 1/20's Nikkor lens handheld.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Just another macro shot which i love. One thing that is great about droplet macro shots is the reflection it creates from the background which really works well and its like a picture in a picture. Taken with extension tubes using nikkor lens 28 200mm handheld.


This Macro image shot i took using extension tubes with nikkor lens at 1/160s, macro shots are tough to shoot but once you've captured one its surely amazing to see small world in a big picture!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blue Escape

This image i took when we where in Morong Bataan, saw the boat alone in the open sea. all is blue and the subject pop out of the composition. taken at 98mm F8 1/400's ISO200 Nikkor Lens.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not too shallow

One style of shots i love. a shallow depth of field blurring the background and making the subject more emphasized (Glass and Hand). Taken at 46mm F5.6 1/250's ISO800 Nikkor Lens.

I see you..

I love shooting people offguard (or stolen shots as they say). They look better than posed shots most of the time and the person will love it for sure. Taken at 92mm F5.6 1/160's ISO400 Nikkor Lens

Mother and Daughter Moments

Mother and Daughter having a great day at the beach. Taken at water level to create a beautiful depth of field view. Taken at 135mm F5.6 1/1250s ISO200 Nikkor Lens


This is a Baguio pictorial of nacey, i love taking pictures with a long lens and just let the kids do their stuff and be ready to shoot those candids and self expressions. taken at 200mm F5.6 1/320's Nikkor lens