Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A man selling smoked fish on the street for a living.. I love the nice bokeh here. Have been fun shooting people on the street doing their everyday life. Sigma lens 70 200mm at 200mm F3.5 1/500's ISO400


This is an image belongs to my album in one of the photosharing sites named "Photo Journalism" These kids are collecting recycleable materials so they could sell them to the junkshop. They were very happy with their catch! Sigma lens 70 200mm at 200mm F2.8 1/250's ISO400.

Motor De Paa...

I've been testing my new lens lately and also fun of candid shots on the street. Here is another one i like. just in time the kid look at me when i press the shutter. Use continous mode on focus for moving subject. Use Sigma lens 70 200mm at 200mm F3.5 1/125's ISO400.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Recently i bought my first real telephoto lens. Im so excited to try out the lens. it's true that once you've use a 2.8 lens fast lens you'll never look back! This image is a candid shot and the wind blown look hair is really fantastic! I use the sigma 70 200 2.8 APO EX (not the DG macro version, this one is better sharp at all apperture even wide open). Sigma lens 70 200mm at F3.2 at 200mm ISO200

Friday, July 16, 2010

Bright eyes...

Black and white or monochrome most of the time really looks great than colored! Thats the case on this one. Originally it's in color but not that striking when i first look at it on my computer. but when i converted it on monochrome the eyes become more emphasized and makes this look strong image. Use my softbox to soften the light that makes it beautifull! Nikkor lens 1/60's F5.6 at 105mm ISO200.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This picture is all about being relaxed. To make it look very natural looking i just shoot continously so that to capture the natural body and facial movement. Then select the best shot from the series. its all about patience... you are very lucky if you can nail a great shot in just one click! but i dont think thats the case all the time. Converted this one to monochrome in PS used a softbox place on camera right. Nikkor lens at 65mm 1/60's F5.6 ISO200.


Ive shot this a later this day using my softbox place camera right. The soft shadows that softbox produce are really lovely and beautiful. This is one of the many shots i made and i may say one of the best (53 shots all just took 3 copies as the best! ) Nikkor lens at 75mm F5.6 1/60's ISO200.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This another shot using directional lighting, using a shoot thru umbrella coming from camera right. A beautiful relaxed fealing of this beautiful woman. Nikkor lens at 58mm 1/40's f5.6 ISO200.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nature's Beauty

I've always wanted to shoot a waterfall. I got a chance today as i was on my way to work in baguio. On the way up in Baguio i saw this waterfall on a cliff. Got to stop to take this one. The softness of the water makes the whole image alive! nikkor lens at 200mm 1sec, F32 ISO200